xablaus is the first solo album by Sombrio da Silva, accordionist, clarinettist and keyboardist of celebrated groups from Brasilia, Brazil such as Satanique Samba Trio, Joe Silhueta and Cantigas Boleráveis. This is an autobiographical collection of works conceived between 2007 and 2020 with ever less effort. The album begins with xablau nº0, which is just the raw anguish of a 17 year-old who wanted to make harsh noise because any musical structures already seemed meaningless. Then some of these same structures are revisited - in a false search for meaning - until he finishes with xablau nº15, the shortest, most glorious and infamous track of the album, with an interpretation of Bach's Two-Voices Invention nº15, worthy of the greatest concert halls in the world.

xablaus is a celebration of the joy of error. It is a collection of odes to the pleasure of failure. It is a pleasant picnic at the end of an apocalyptic afternoon. Each xablau brings in itself the hope of a better and least important future.

Compositions, arrangements,
production and mixing:
Sombrio da Silva.

Cover art: Brida Abajur

Mastering: Jota Dale
Additional voice on xablau nº10:
Dominatrix Trix

K7 (Limited Edition, 20 copies.) 50r$




Produced by
Torto Disco & Tudo Muda Music.

Sombrio da Silva - "Xablaus" - cassette

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