Ultra-limited edition (20 copies),tapes: transparent with gold glitter, yellow moving partssolid yellow case, stickered coverAdvanced cassette design on this one!


"A Split Step is a tennis technique. It isn't a “step” at all, but a small hop that you take from the ready position as your opponent hits the ball. This subtle movement engages your body, getting it ready to move toward the incoming ball while providing the balance you need to react to any changes of angles, pace, and trajectory."


Felipe Lemos: guitars, synths, drum programming
Mauro Rocha: bass, samples

Recorded, mixed, mastered Sep.-Nov. 2020
at Demi-kza Atu-kza Studios, Brasilia.

Cover art: Matheus Fernandes, Mauro Rocha

Transistorm - "Split Step" - cassete

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